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Customer Testimonials for Real Motors LLC

Josh Adrian - 2011 Audi A5

Serge was honest, provided excellent service, and kept his word.
The Audi A5 Quattro, with a rebuilt title, was beyond our expectations, for a great price.
He made sure the car was impeccable.

He also promptly sent us additional documentation we requested days after the deal was done. Something many in this industry would not do after they received their money.

I will buy from him again.
Winter Garden, Fl
Josh A

Michael De R - 2016 Audi A4

Had a great experience working with Serge. 
Extremely knowledgeable, up-front, and honest. 
We're very pleased with the Audi we purchased from Real Motors, and will definitely recommend others looking for a car to check out your inventory

Marco Island, Fl

Mike Plantz - 2013 Audi A5

Best car purchase I have ever made.  I love my A5 from Real Motors. 
Don't be swayed by the rebuilt titles, Serge and his team are upfront and honest and very communicative through the whole process. 
I originally bought the care when I lived in Texas and they held it for me until I relocated to Florida. 
Would not hesitant to buy another and recommend them to everyone who is looking.

Mike P
Texas - Tampa Fl

Eric Recker - 2016 Audi S4

Recently I purchased an 2016 Audi S4 from Real Motors LLC.
This is a fantastic professional business that made the purchasing process very easy. The car is amazing and extremely high quality.
It was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't be happier with my new car. I purchased this car while I lived in Michigan.
Serge answered all of my questions about the car and made sure I was receiving the best service.
Thank you Real Motors LLC


Zeshan K - 2016 Audi A5

Awesome experience, top notch service, honest people,
bought an 2011 Audi A5 2 years ago very happy with it, came back trade it in for a newer 2016 model got excellent trade in value !!!!

Clearwater, Fl

Rochelle May - 2015 Audi S5 Cabrio


Serge is very easy going, knowledgeable and honest. He presented all the facts about the car we needed in order to make an informed decision. I think the deal was done in under hour. He even went above and beyond, meeting us during a holiday, and later going to the DMV himself to get our tag.

The car is impeccable and smells brand new. The handling is perfect. Most of all, it's a great value. I would definitely recommend Real Motors.

Tampa, Fl

Justin R - 2013 Audi A5

Serge was amazing and very helpful the entire process and made things easy and quick.
They are willing to work and help you if you need it. Would definitely recommend.

Justin R
Cape Coral, Fl

Jack Hubler - 2017 Audi Q5

Hello, here is my review of my experience purchasing a car from Real Motors LLC in Clearwater, Fla.
I had been looking around for a used Audi for about 3 months. After checking the various franchise dealers, I got a true sense of pricing as it related to the year and the mileage. Also, my personality does not mesh well with franchised car dealers. I prefer buying from a private owner or an independent dealer. This can make financing a bit more challenging, and it can require a bit more legwork, but the trades offs can be worthwhile when you find the car you want.
I stumbled onto Serge’s website through a Google search, Real Motors LLC, and was immediately intrigued by the concept.  Serge is a hard-working independent businessman with many years of experience. His core business scours the country looking for luxury import salvaged vehicles that are then rebuilt in the State of Florida.  This is a very intricate process and his business must follow strict guidelines.  Before sale, the vehicles are serviced and inspected at the franchise dealer of the car.  The state of Florida also conducts a thorough inspection. There is a balance of risk/reward when buying a car with a rebuilt title, so the reputation of the dealer is the top priority.  Serge stands by every car he sells.  A large percentage of his buyers are from out of state, and some purchase a car sight unseen and have them shipped.
Educate yourself.  The upside is you will be able to purchase a newer import luxury car, in far better condition, with lower miles, while dealing with an owner on a one-on- one basis. 
I zeroed in on a 2017 Audi Q-5.  It had under 10k miles on it and it was restored to nearly new. Serge explained the history of the car, and provided supporting pictures, before and after.  I had LOTS of questions. Serge answered them all. We went out and inspected the car, then took it for a ride. It was everything we wanted. We closed the deal and I look forward to driving this car for many years.  I highly recommend Serge and Real Motors for your next car purchase.

Jack Hubler
St Petersburg, Fl

Andre Mack - 2014 Acura RLX

I had been watching the car online for a few weeks to see if it was still for sale. I check out the real motors web site and saw all the previous customer feed back comments (which were all great).
So I drove over from Tampa to check out the 2014 Acura. As soon as I sat in the car before test driving it, I knew that I was going to buy the car.
The was super clean and it drove like a brand new car. So I gave Serge my $500 deposit to hold the car for me. I went back one week later and purchased the car.
Serge was super helpful. He help me get the permanent tag for the car. There was no standing in long lines at the DMV.
Serge showed me the before and after pics of the car. It's was great dealing Serge, he is very helpful. He broke the price right in front of me.
As far what I would be paying, taxes, tag, and fees.
I would recommend RealMotorsLLC, to anyone who is looking for a luxury car for regular car price. 

Dre Mack

Rodolfo M - 2014 Audi S5

Thank you for the follow-up. Your team was very professional and courteous.
They took time to provide a detailed over view of the vehicle and answered all my questions.


Jacksonville, Fl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 03/05/2019

Brandon K - 2016 Subaru BRZ Limited

I'd never even given a rebuilt car a second thought before, but the stellar reputation of Real Motors on top of the unparalleled price roped me in quick.
Serge is a far cry from any other car salesman I've experienced: being much more direct and never pushy. It was a pleasure working with him.
As for the car, there is no sign of damage, and I haven't had a single problem, even driving it as a BRZ is meant to be driven.
I wouldn't hesitate to go back and may well return for an Audi when I'm ready for a new car.

Brandon K
Inverness, Fl

John W - 2014 Audi A6

Thanks Serge!

I made it home safely and it was an enjoyable ride in my Audi! 
It was a great experience buying this great car from you and I will recommend you to my friends and family who may be looking for a great deal!
Best to you,

Bruce Baker - 2016 Audi S5

My Audi S5 was delivered to me this week and I could not be happier with the car or my experience with Real Motors, Serge and his team.

I traveled to Florida last week to see the car and finalize the purchase, but Serge was a tremendous help throughout the process.
Not only was he readily available to discuss the facts and history of the vehicle but he was transparent and honest through the whole process.
Serge was never pushy or did anything to make me question my decision which was so refreshing.
Good luck finding a dealership that does that!

I would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from Real Motors, this is how buying a car should feel!

Thank you!
Dallas, TX

Yvon P - 2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet

We are very pleased with the Audi A5 Cabriolet. 
It looks and runs like a new one and we saved about 25k!  Some people are reluctant to buy a rebuilt car; it is the 3rd time I buy one, and I think that as long as you know the extent of the previous damage and that nothing in the front was affected it makes it a no-brainer. 
Serge was very transparent and shared all the pictures from before the repair and let me inspect the frame and the under car while it was on the lift so that makes me very confident. 
No haggle or juggling with numbers, explanations given on how the price was determined, it was a very easy and worry-free transaction. 
I'll definitely look here first when I need another car !
Yvon P.  Seminole Fl

Susan F - 2015 Hyundai Genesis

I started out the new Year by purchasing a beautiful Genesis from Real Motors. 
The process could not have been easier.  Serge went above and beyond in his service to us,  explained everything thoroughly and answered all questions. 
After just one day, I am loving this car!  Thank you Serge, for making this car purchase the easiest I have ever been through. 
I will recommend you and Real Motors to anyone without hesitation.
Susan, North Port, Fl

Bob Rice - 2013 Audi A5

The buying experience was professional and without any pressure.

Everything was carefully explained  and all of my questions and concerns were addressed,
I love my new car!

Bob Rice
St Petersburg, Fl

Jeff C - 2013 Audi S4

The entire experience was great,
going in on a rebuilt titled car can be a risk but Serge made me very comfortable with the process, all communications were fast and thorough,
and after doing some research it looked like a great option. So far the car has been great and is nearly in like-new condition.
I appreciate the hard work, and the people that went into restoring the car in such a great condition.

Jeff C
Tampa Fl

Aaron A - 2013 AUDI S5

I just bought an Audi S5 from Real Motors.
From my experience I would recommend to anyone to buy from a honest dealer.
I really don't like when some dealers advertise a really good price to be on the top of the search list and then when you ask what is the out of the door price the have hundreds of non sense fees.
This is not the case With Real Motors. They tell you ahead of all costs involved and they are reasonable.
I could not be happier I bought the car remotely and car was delivered directly to my home.

Love it...

McKinney TX

Vlad L - 2012 BMW X5

Thank You Real Motors for a second year in the row of helping me to get myself a Birthday Present.
Every time it's a pleasure working with You guys.
Special Thanks for working very hard and getting me financed with this BMW.
Now you have me as a lifetime customer.

Vlad, Clearwater Fl

Nick Skijus - 2011 AUDI A3

Had a great experience working with Serge at RealMotors.
I have loved my car since I bought it from him four years ago.
It has been four years and I still get excellent service and attention from Serge and his team.
Considering my next purchase with him now.

Tampa Fl

Mo and Mariam - 2014 AUDI A5

Thank you so much, great dealer!
Serge went over and beyond to help us we had a great deal!!!
The car runs amazing were so glad with our purchase!!!!
Tampa, Fl

Michael Hayja - 2014 Audi S5

Hi Max,

My experience is without doubt the most fulfilling and pleasing experience one could ever expect for a transaction of this type.
It was overwhelmingly a positive one, Serge was not only knowledgeable and well experienced, he delivered well beyond any customer’s expectations. He never attempted to “sell”, influence or coerce the outcome, rather advise where appropriate, provide the right amount of guidance and always provided thorough and honest explanations to my many questions.

Besides the above positive experience, Serge is a pleasure to deal with, always willing to accommodate and use his extensive knowledge in the auto market to provide cost effective and sought after solutions.

Max, keep up the good work. I am always an advocate of small business. You now have me and my network as true advocates and supporters of your business. I plan to instill the same culture you have built into Real Motors LLC into my own business.

I have no doubt that you and your team will continue to succeed given your strong business ethics and customer service excellence.

Michael Hayja
Palemetto, Fl

Lynn Rice - 2015 AUDI Q7 TDI

I recently bought a 2015 Audi Q7 from Real Motors for my wife.
This was a long distance deal on a rebuilt SUV. I have driven rebuilts for 30 years and am very familiar with the risks associated with buying a vechile that has been wrecked and repaired.
Serge was the salesman that I dealt with. He was completely honest about every aspect of the Audi.
Provided pictures of it before repairs were made and answered all of my questions. Actually he went above and beyond what I expected.
Very professional and very very knowledgeable about the Audi. We both felt comfortable with the process and had a trouble free trip home.
Wheelersburg, OH

Kevin and Lori S - 2016 Subaru Outback

Serge is total amazing. Love my Subaru!!!!
Lori, S
St Petersburg, Fl

Cynthia G - 2015 Subaru BRZ

Fantastic experience - straight forward, transparent and fair!
Highly recommend doing business with Real Motors!
Cynthia G
Clearwater, Fl

Chris and Teresa K - 2016 Audi S5

We are happy with the new car!
 I feel we got a good deal and good customer service! We would recommend Real Motors.

Chris & Teresa K.
Farmington, MN

Stephen R - 2014 Subaru Forester Limited

Happy Customer is our #1 Priority

Stephen, R
Tampa Fl

Joshua L - 2014 Audi S5

Serge simplified the car buying process by being up front d providing all necessary information about the vehicle.
Very satisfied with my purchase and my overall experience with Real Motors. 

Tampa, Fl

Seth Cl - 2013 AUDI A6

Bought a car from Surge and after 6 months I have to say it’s one of the best cars I’ve bought.
Great guy and great dealership making me feel at home. Definitely would recommend buying a car from him

Tampa, Fl

Addison H - 2015 Audi Q7 TDI

Trust worthy and great service! We bought the car sight unseen and the car was exactly as described. 

Vehicle is in Great Mechanical and Cosmetic Shape
Definitely a good experience!
Addison H
Youngsville, LA

Matt St - 2011 BMW 328I

Good morning.  Things are good. Very good. I'm very happy with the car and very happy with you.
Taking delivery of a new car is always fun and exciting, but dealing with car salesmen, whether new or used isn't.
It always feels like they are playing numbers games and just being dishonest. Not so with you.  I'll be watching for something else for my wife so hopefully we can meet on my next car purchase. 
Matt St
Buffalo NY
Update a week later: I cannot say enough great things about this experience.  I am beyond satisfied, beyond happy, beyond... what comes after "thrilled"?
I love this car, it's condition, the price, the service, the experience dealing with you. 
Thank you for everything!

Ivan Nguyen - 2015 Audi S4

I couldn't be happier with my new car. They are very open and honest which sadly is rare in the auto industry.
With all the help from start and to the day I'm home. Picking up customer from airport and very friendly place to buy a car.
I left the the shop with a big smile. I would recommend all my friend and family to do business with them .

Ivan Nguyen

Houston TX

Samantha Troge - 2008 Chrysler 300C Hemi

I want to thank Serge for helping me with the purchase of my car.
 I purchased a Chrysler 300 from him and it was a quick process..
The whole process was completed in about 30 min. Thank you so much
Samantha Troge

Kyle F - 2015 AUDI S4

Greetings from Vermont. Needless to say we intimately know the ins and outs of this car and I LOVE IT.
I can't thank you enough.

Thank you for asking, the drive was long but the car made it much more enjoyable.

Thank you again

Kyle , Vermont

Lenka Z - 2015 Audi A3

Discovered the exact car I wanted at Real Motors but had never purchased an out-of-state car before so was a little apprehensive.
Serge was so great every step of the way - got back to me immediately with answers to all my questions, went above and beyond in helping me get financing and all the documents I needed, arranged for an extra inspection and extra key, and had the car delivered to me quickly and in top shape.
 I was more than pleased with every part of the process. Above all else, his communication was always prompt, sincere, thorough and patient.
Very grateful...


Tom Wolf - 2015 Audi S5

Everything went very smoothly. The car looked as good as it did online.

I will be back!

Tom Wolf



Tim Sullivan - 2015 Audi Q7

Great Car, Great Company !  
Thank you Serge for being honest, trustworthy, and great communicator.
Love the new car !   thanks again !
Rock Hill, SC

George Ragin - 2009 Hummer H2

Never leave a comment but I have to let you guys know that Real Motors is the place to purchase your vehicle.
Serge is the best helped me and my wife with financing and getting the best rate!
When dealing with any car dealer you are so afraid that people are not honest; well look no further Real Motors is the place you can buy with confidence.
Thanks again Serge for your great communications and service!
Miami, Fl

Robert T - 2015 Audi A7

Purchased a A7 last week and I am thrilled with the vehicle.
Great deal and great customer service from Serge and Max.
I felt very comfortable and sure about the purchase through the entire process.
Robert, T
Tampa Fl / 01/18/2018

Brooke H - 2015 AUDI A5

Great experience and great car.
Serge was very knowledgeable and helpful with financing information. Painless process overall.
Brooke H
Tampa, Fl

Eric V - 2013 AUDI A3

Car is Great!

Eric V
Tampa Fl

Bradd Bo - 2011 Audi S4

Thanks for checking in. The car ran well all the way home, no issues.
I believe you sold me a solid car and so far it’s lived up to what you told me.
I am pleased to have done business with you and most likely will reach back out for my next purchase, so get prepared lol.
You were honest and upfront which is a rarity.
Thank you again

Grand Rapid, MI

Kenneth C. - 2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

I was looking for a replacement car for my wife online and ran across a repaired car that caught my eye. I went to see it.
When I arrived the front office was closed but Peter from the back service area was extremely helpful. He went over the whole car and practically sold me before I talked to Serg.
Went for a test drive and liked the car very much. When Serg arrived the sale went fast and smooth.
I was skeptical about them at first but they were very professional and explained what was repaired and showed me a couple of pictures.
They reassured me that anytime after the sale I could contact them and they would get me any parts at their cost.
I would definitely do business again with them and recommend them to my friends. My wife is going to have to wait, I kept this car for myself.
Ken C.
Clearwater, Fl

Robert Mc C - 2013 Audi A6 Premium Plus

My wife and I had an excellent experience at Real Motors.
Serge was very professional and easy to work with.  He was especially helpful in navigating the financing process.
We appreciated his attention to detail in presenting the history and  other information on the car.      
The A6 itself was spotless both inside and outside.
We would give our experience 5 stars.
Robert McClintic
St.Petersburg, Fl

Douglas and Joyce P. - 2015 Subaru Impreza

Douglas and Joyce P.
Sarasota, Fl

Bill A - 2013 Audi S5

Serge and everyone at Real Motors made the entire process very easy. I would recommend to anyone from anywhere.
I flew to Tampa and was picked up Real Motors, completed the deal and then made the 1100 mile drive home with no problems and
Serge checking on me multiple times to make sure everything was going well!
Will definitely buy from Real Motors again in the future!
Bill A
10/02/2017, OHIO

Drew Elix and Anna K - 2015 Audi A3

Serge personal took my call and sold me the car! Answered all my  questions efficiently and quickly. Made the process of buying a car easy and enjoyable!!! I absolutely LOVED my experience with him and the dealership!! He even went above and beyond to meet me late at night whenever I was done with my day.  I would definitely recommend buying a car from him!! Grade A experience for for sure!!

Drew and Anna

Ted L - 2016 Audi A4 Premium Plus

I recently found and purchased a 2016 Audi A4 from Real Motors. First off, these are honest, hard working people. I was welcomed into their A.D.A. friendly showroom, me and my service dog too! The car was beautiful, and perfectly detailed. Serge even pointed out a small paint chip that I hadn't noticed, as he went over the entire car with me, and the process they had repaired it with. I had called Real Motors earlier in the day, to confirm an appointment for 1:00pm. These people kept their word, as someone had showed up before me to purchase the car we were buying, but Serge told them they had to wait for my appointment before they could act. He had a guaranteed sale, but kept his word to me, real classy. Serge had so many great cars to choose from, the other couple also found something they liked, and purchased too. I really didn't need to drive the car, Real Motors personnel were so thorough with the review, but Serge insisted that I at least take it to get the Bank Check. We walked in at 1:00 and drove out at 2:35, that is how efficient their process is. I had so much confidence in Real Motors that we picked up our car and immediately drove it 2000 miles cross country. Everything is flawless with this car and the repair's execution. The car had had multiple inspections prior to my purchase to ensure everything was correct for me. I would recommend Real Motors to anyone who is looking for an incredible deal on an Audi or Subaru.
Ted L. Clearwater FL.

Wendell T - 2010 Acura RL

I wanted to tell you and everyone about my experience

I flew down to Florida to visit Disney and while I was down there I had several dealerships to check out

I picked Real Motors and purchased the 2010 RL. My credit union put me through hoops with questions to verify security questions for a wire transfer

I drove it back to Ohio no problems and the mileage was great, I keep looking at the gauge to move, I was averaging 27 miles per gallon

Real Motors had more cars on site than what’s listed

I was treated with respect and professionalism

When am ready for another car Real Motors will be #1 on my list.

Wendell Taylor, Ohio Cincinnati



Andy K - 2013 Audi A6 Premium Plus

Found this Audi on Cargurus a awhile ago. After little negotiation we came to an agreement.
I left a deposit and Dealer agreed to wait until some of my funds would clear on my end.
Thank you for your patience and all your help with this process, and also thanks for your help with shipping it over.
Love my new car. Very pleased.
Andy K

George Y - 2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

Serge worked with me to get me the vehicle I wanted,
helped with all the paperwork, answered all my questions as well as shipped it to me quickly all the way in Michigan.
Very Pleasant experience!
George, Y
Commerce Township, MI

Miller Fr - 2015 Audi Q7 Premium Plus

I am VERY happy with it, it is like a new car.
You guys did a great job fixing the damage.
it's much nicer than i expected.
Thanks so much for the easy deal and the quick delivery, I could not be more pleased
Miller, F
Madison, MS

David S. - 2015 Audi S4 Premium Plus


As I told Serge and Peter, everything went smoothly. Even when I screwed up and included the deposit in the total after having paid $500 deposit via PayPal, Serge was able to credit back/refund through PayPal.

Serge was very responsive. With all my questions I'm sure he must have felt it was more like harassment. ;-)

The long and short of it is this: I would never hesitate to recommend Real Motors to my best friend.


Cary, NC

Shan AK - 2011 Audi A5

Hi Max,

Thank you for the follow up email, I'm very happy with the car you guys sold me,
The service was excellent specially Serge was very helpful, keep up the good work guys.

Clearwater, Fl

L T & Nancy Rice - 2016 Chevrolet Traverse 2LT

We are very happy with our purchase of the Chevy Traverse and your people whom we dealt with.
Everything was done in a timely manner.
One thing, can't find the front license plate holder, in NY we have to have 2 plates.
Nancy and Larry
New York, 04/13/2017

Gabriella R - 2016 Jeep Patriot

Hello Max, 

I am happy to say that I had a terrific experience purchasing my 2016 Jeep Patriot at Real Motors LLC. Serge was patient and helpful throughout the whole transaction. He was flexible and made navigating my first time purchasing a car simple and comfortable. Thank you for helping me find such a great vehicle and making it happen so quickly and painlessly! In the future, I look forward to referring my friends and family to Real Motors LLC for their next purchase!

Best, Gabriella Ro
Tarpon Springs, Fl

Deb and Jim Shugerts - 2014 Subaru Outback

We absolutely LOVE the Subaru!  It was one of the best car purchasing experiences we have
ever had.  Serge was very professional, knowledgeable and clearly explained the history of the car and rebuilt
titles.  My husband and I have no doubt that we will purchase our next car from Real Motors!

Thank you so much!

Jim and Deb Shugerts
04/04/2017 Plant City, Florida

Nick L - 2015 Ford Expedition EL XLT

The vehicle has been excellent and I couldn't be happier, thank you for being open with all information, I love it .

Hope we can do business again
Nick, L
Perry, GA

Rob B - 2014 Audi Q5

To Real Motors and its Staff:
   The experience was wonderful. Serge was great. My wife is enjoying her new car!
Sarasota, Fl 02/21/2017

Larry P - 2016 Audi A3 Premium Audi A3

RealMotors LLC did a great job in working with me in buying a 2016 Audi A3 2.0T Quattro Premium.
It was the lowest priced A3 I was able to find online. Once Serge put me intouch with a bank that would do the financing, and I was approved, he held the A3 I wanted without a deposit.
I flew to Clearwater, FL from Texas and drove the car back with zero problems.
If I'm ever in the market for another rebuilt title car, I'll be looking to RealMotors LLC in the future!!

Texas 02/06/2017

Michael Cheung - 2013 Audi A3 Premium Plus

Purchased an Audi 2013 A3 Quattro Dec 21st From Real Motors LLC. Serge the general Manager really took great care of me.All my questions were answered and it was a very nice easy transaction. I would recommend this dealership very highly. Thanks so much for your care Sincerely Michael Cheung 12/26/2016 Tampa,Fl

Mike S - 2015 Audi Q7

Audi Q7 purchased December 2016. Purchasing a vehicle through Serge and Real Motors LLC could not be any easier. Serge was ready to answer any questions that I had and shipped the vehicle very quickly. This was my first internet purchase of this size and first rebuilt vehicle. I am very pleased so far with the quality of the vehicle. I may have found the preferred way to make all of my future vehicle purchases! Mike S. Tennessee 12/21/2016

Sabin Fannin - 2012 Audi S4 Prestige

I wanted to make sure I got back to you about my experience with Real Motors LLC. Serge did a great job. He was easy to negotiate with no pressure... He simplified and stepped me through the purchase process. This was important since I was purchasing the S4 over the internet/phone. I appreciated his flexibility on finalizing the transaction and picking up from the airport. I have bought a few cars and this was by far the easiest and most enjoyable experience I have had. The car(2012 Audi S4) is fantastic! The pictures and video really made me feel comfortable about the purchase. I have bought rebuilt titles before and the quality of the workmanship an the car is excellent to very good. All in all a great experience! I would purchase from you again in a heartbeat! Thanks, Sabin, Huntersville, NC 11/30/2016

J.D. - 2012 Audi A8L

Real Motors,LLC & Serge, I want to tell you how happy I am with the Audi A8L I purchased from you this summer. Car is fantastic and better than I could have expected. I was concerned flying in to buy it, but you picked me up at the airport with the car, I test drove it and the transaction was effortless. You took care of all the paperwork and title hassle. Car is great. Thanks. Will buy from you again. 11/10/2016 Naples, Fl

Victoria K - 2012 Audi A4 Premium Plus

Everything got here in perfect condition! Thank you so much - I love it! 10/01/2016 Cincinnati OH

Ozzie Sadiq - 2012 Audi A3 TDI

Being in the market for another vehicle, I found Real Motors while doing a Google search for a type of vehicle I was looking for. This would have been my third purchase of a vehicle online, and by far was the best experience. Dealing with Serge was a very pleasant experience. Since I was a out of state buyer, a majority of our communication was done via email, and his responses were very timely. Any information that I requested he was able to provide to me. When my wife went to pick up the vehicle he was very professional and had everything ready for her. I would highly recommend dealing with Serge and the folks at Real Motors, and I would purchase from them again when in the market for a vehicle. The purchase was made back in January 2016 Ozzie Willow Spring, North Carolina 07/09/2016

Jasmine Kappiah - 2015 Audi A3

I purchased an Audi from Real Motors and I am thoroughly pleased with it and the entire process.Unlike the larger dealerships who are hell bent on selling you a vehicle and making their commission, the dealers at RealMotors actually care about the customer and try to accommodate the customer's needs and wants to the best of their ability. Serge was very responsive and helpful during the entire purchasing process and was upfront and honest about the vehicle I was interested in. He patiently worked with me to the best of his ability to establish a payment method and procedure that worked for both parties.Prior to making the full purchase, I requested a few minor aesthetic changes to be made to the vehicle. They ensured all the changes I requested were properly made without compromising quality by the scheduled pick-up date.Peter(the mechanics guy) answered all the technical questions I had and explained all the different functions of the audi and ensured I knew how to correctly operate it.They also fully serviced the car at Audi at no extra cost to me by the time it was ready for pick-up. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle from a trustworthy dealership and get the most value for their money. Tampa Florida 06/09/2016

Sel - 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD

To Real Motors and its Staff: Dear Serge, Thank you very much for your patience, diligence, and professionalism, during my recent auto purchace. Right from the beginning, your representation calmed my nerves about making my most expensive purchase, site unseen. You made sure to answer all my question promptly and honestly, even when you were off or at a meeting. You kept me up-to-date throughout the process, until the vehicle it was delivered. I really appreciated you going above and beyond to fax the paperwork to the Motor Vehicle Administration, as they had requested. You truly represented yourself and your company beautifully. I hope we get to do business again. God Bless. Sincerely, Sel Laurel, Maryland 05/23/2016

Robert Anson - 2007 Subaru Legacy

To real Motors and its staff - Thank you for the recent purchase experience. You answered all questions promptly and honestly. Also thanks for working with the third party inspection service. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will keep you in mind for future purchases. 05/01/2016 Indiana

Terry M - 2014 VW Beetle

Real Motors were awesome. We came to an agreement very quickly and Serge couldn't have been nicer about everything. Deal was made and the shipping arranged right away. From contact to the car arriving was a total of 3 days. Couldn't have worked out better. 04/28/2016 South Beloit, IL Terry M

Kathryn - 2013 Audi A3 Premium Plus

to Real Motors and its Staff: - it was a very good experience and I'm enjoying the car very much. I've never bought a rebuilt title so I hope the car continues to perform well. Thank you! Kathryn, Washington State 04/27/2016

Chuck McCarty - 2012 Audi A5 Coupe

To you and your staff (Serge), I would like to express my appreciation in customer service (to include pickup at the airport on a Saturday afternoon) and even more importantly for delivering an Audi A5 that exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a quality automobile. My thanks again and I look forward to future purchases with you. Thank you, Chuck McCarty 04/26/2016, Colorado

LEON - 2011 Audi A4 Avant

Hey Serge, Just wanted to say thank you for the great vehicle. I got home safe and love my new car. Keep up the great work down there and I hope to bring you some more business from up here. Great working with them. I would highly recommend them to a friend. 03/23/2016 Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Pierre W - 2012 Audi A6 Sedan

Vehicle was purchased in the beginning of November 2015 My purchase experience with Real Motors was very exceptional. Serge provided the utmost service, and even assisted with shipping the vehicle to its final destination in another state. I would most definitely recommend their dealership to others because they are reliable and the cars are above average. Pierre 02/02/2016 Chicago IL

GLC Southeast LLC - 2012 BMW X6 M

This is our 4th vehicle we are buying and Trading In with Real Motors Every time is a great experience. my husband and i very satisfied with all the efforts, and such an excellent customer service we receive. Thank you guys, Keep up a Good Job 01/18/2016 Clearwater Florida

Alicia Bo - 2012 Audi A4 Avant

I found Real Motors LLC on cargurus.com and they sold me the sweetest vehicle--an Audi A4 with all of the upgrades. Because I was coming from out of town and got stuck in traffic, Serge met me in the middle of the night on a weekend none the less, to do paperwork, let me test drive the car, and even bring me to the airport to drop off my rental car. I would have to say this is the best service I have ever experienced when buying a car--and I have bought quite a few cars in my day. The car was also in excellent condition and even exceeded my expectation. Thanks Real Motors LLC for the amazing service! We will be back for our next car purchase! Alicia 01/16/2016 St Augustin Florida

Antoinette Chatham - 2012 Audi Q5

I was in the market for a car. I found one online I liked at a very good price. I called the number and got connected with Serge. He was very polite explained the car I wanted was sold. That I should look at another car, and explained to me immediately why the car was priced lower than that of its competitors. At this point I had never purchased a "rebuilt title" car before. Honestly, I was very apprehensive. You hear all the horror stories of getting the car you want at a great price, and then it falling apart or being "too good to be true" a "branded or rebuilt title" car. To me it was worth checking out. I looked at several of the reviews.Then I read all the good ones and realized people will have different experiences because of their expectations and views of situations. Real Motors cars are beautifully photographed. The videos are beautifully done as well, as the information from their brochure on their web sight. Serge was great to work with. I was probably a little reserved at first because with all these things being good, I wanted to see what was the catch. It couldn't be all that good?!? RIGHT? It was, an amazing experience. I felt like Serge gave me so much detailed information about the car, he was upfront, honest, found transportation for the car to be delivered to me in Texas 3 days after I paid for the car. I bought the car over the phone. which made this experience something I will remember and share with others. THANK YOU Serge for all the help with making this a good experience. 01/13/2016 Fort Worth, TX

Menelaos and Evniki Mamoulelis - 2011 Mercury Grand Marquis

We live in the Napa Valley, in Calif. I had been looking for a late model Mercury Marquis for a month. I would spent several hours a day on the Internet trying to find what I liked.Until I came across the Mercury Marquis Real Motors had for sale. We like what we saw on line and I called the dealership, Serge answered and was able to give me all the information I needed to make our decision to purchase the car. We could not travel to Florida right away due to some business restraints. We traveled 10 days later, using my credit card I placed a deposit over the phone, Serge emailed me 2 pages of the agreement which we signed and faxed back the same day. He promised to keep the car until we arrived there. On Oct. 11/2015 We flew from Oakland Calif. to Orlando FLA picked up the rental car and drove to Clear Water to the dealership. Even though it was Sunday late afternoon Serge was there waiting for us. The car was cleaned inside and out, it was spotless. All the paper work was completed ahead of time, all we had to do was to complete paying for the car and sign the papers. It took about 30 minutes or less. The car was what we expected and more. It looked like a new car even though it is 2011. We trusted Serge "Real Motors" and were NOT disappointed. He was very polite, helpful and provided EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are very satisfied and love our "new" car Thanks to Serge, he knows and practices EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am giving Real Motors 7 out of 5 Stars, in customer service and Satisfaction. If we need another car in the future and Serge has it we would fly to Florida to buy. Menelaos and Evniki Mamoulelis, Napa Valley California. 12/09/2015

Errol Y - 2004 Ford F-150

Great experience Carrabelle Beach, Florida 12/08/2015

David Roth - 2012 Audi A8L

Serge, I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how much we enjoy the Audi A8 you sold us earlier this year. It seems like the more we drive it, the more we like it and we keep finding features we didn't know it had! Thank you for representing it so honestly to us and also for the good service, including picking us up at the airport, you provided when we picked up the car. I hope we will be able to do business again in the future. Thanks again. Dave Roth Milford, Nebraska 11/23/2015

Andres Ca - 2015 Audi A3 AWD Premium

THANKS SO MUCH AS DESCRIBED!!! Colombia 10/10/2015

Ron and Pat Silva - 2015 Ford Taurus Limited

Serge, I would like to thank you and your staff for the way you dealt with the purchase of my 2015 Taurus. Every thing you offered was provided in a timely way with honest answers. The final process was completed quickly without any problems. My wife and I were pleased with the overall process. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your staff. Thanks. Ron & Pat Silva 09/30/2015 Clearwater, Fl

Thomas Cannon - 2014 Ford Expedition EL

Awesome Buying Experience After months of searching recently purchased a 2014 Ford Expedition from Real Motors. It was hands down the most pleasant, streamlined and efficient buying experience I have ever had purchasing any vehicle. Serge and his staff walked me through the process from start to finish and all the paperwork was waiting for me at both the bank and his shop upon my arrival. It has taking longer to order lunch than it did to purchase this truck. I will definitely be calling them first when I am ready to buy another car. Thomas Cannon Ormond Beach, FL 09/26/2015

Mary Anne M - 2008 Subaru Legacy

Dear Serge, I enjoyed our conversation. I feel confident in my dealings with Real Motors. I appreciate you honesty about the two vehicles I am interested in. I received the before pictures and look forward to doing business through you with Real Motors. Mary Anne M. Massachusetts 09/25/2015

Chris Jacobs - 2013 Audi A3 Premium Plus

A++ as described, great car, picked me up from airport 07/15/2015 Utah

Patrick and Hannah Moore - 2011 Audi A4 Prestige

To the Real Motors team, and specifically sales rep Serge, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience of buying a car from your business. We absolutely love the Audi A4 we bought from you! It came just as you described. I'll be honest, buying a car out of state, sight unseen, was quite nerve racking for me.... But you guys made the process very straightforward and reassuring. We are very very pleased with the vehicle. The shipping process was very easy n pain fee as well. Thank you very much for the vehicle. We greatly appreciate. 07/11/2015 Kansas City,MO

Hoang Tran - 2012 Audi A4

Real Motors was friendly and pressure free. Serge, who helped us, was patient and willing to work with us. He guided us through the transportation and shipping of the vehicle we bought and kept us updated. The car, an 2012 Audi A4 was in very good condition and had no problems.Serge provided us with every paper work we needed and answered every question we had. He even procured a new owner's manual for us. We are very satisfied with the vehicle and with the service given to us by Serge. Highly recommended. 06/25/2015 Wichita, Kansas

Erica B - 2012 Acura TL TL

Hi Serge, I want to thank you and your team for making my car buying experience such a great one. I LOVE my car and keep getting compliments on it. You definitely have the best cars for the best prices. I will never go to a large dealership again! Real Motors is the best. Thanks again, Erica B 06/11/2015 3.59pm Tampa, Florida

Tiata Pa - 2012 Toyota Prius

Thank you Guys for all your Help and Service Very happy with my vehicle. Will definitely buy in future for my family, Thank you April 26 2015 Chicago, Illinois

Mimi - Jackson Ms - 2009 Audi A4

I'm very happy about my purchase (2009 A4 Audi ) . The service was great and the purchase and customer service Was a plus . All my questions and concerns where answered . I am very satisfied and will recommend you guys (Real Motors LLC) to my friends and clients in the future ! Thanks 03/10/2015 Maryland

Marcelo F - 2015 Volvo XC 60 AWD

Hi Serge, I wanted to thank you for making the car buying experience great. First you were very patient and guided me trhough all the details of the transaction. The car is great, exelent condition, and great value, best price on the market for sure. highly recomended. we are even considering buying another cars for family and relatives, Thank you again Serge for your assistance. 07/09/2015 Miami, Florida

David S - 2011 Audi S5

Thanks Serge, excellent experience, great service, Would recommend A+++ Mar-17-14 15:45 Miami, Florida

Member ID : "trustman1947" - 2012 Ford Focus SE

Car was as promised. Dealer very helpful. Would do business again! Feb-23-14 16:05 Denver, CO

Stacey and Liston - 2008 Acura RL

Good day Serge, Thanks for all your assistance in making this transaction a smooth process, We have received all the documents to include the Title. Once again Thanks Stacey & Liston Virgin Islands

Member ID "Spag725" - 2013 Ford Edge SEl Eco Boost


Member id "weldonwrr" - 2012 Toyota Prius

As advertised, delivery smooth, no problems with this transaction California

Eugen "tulipiadotcc" - 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS

+++Amazing car, condition is just as it was in description. Fast shipping.+++ Feb-22-13 20:53 Hyundai : Sonata (#160968432258) New York

Noell "noellnlynn2010" - 2012 Chrysler Town&Country

Positive feedback rating Good experience; very happy with the car, and appreciated the extra effort made. Aug-11-13 07:49 Chrysler : Town & Country Touring Stow'N Go (#161063320368) US $17,800.00 Orlando, Florida

Member id "bluetan257" - 2009 Toyota Camry

good Seller , quick transaction , helpful on transportation , paper work . Jun-04-12 17:51 Toyota : Camry Hybrid (#160789434206) Texas

Member: Onlynumberone1 - 2013 VW Jetta

*******************************Best deal in Florida.**************************** 07/22/2014 Minnesota

Victoria A - 2010 Ford Focus

Guys, Thanks you, thank you, thank you. Love my first car. Thanks for all your help. Great experience Florida

Diana and Robert H - 2014 Ford Edge SEL

Thank you Guys. We got the title in the mail. The car is wonderful and we appreciate all your help. Have a Merry Christmas. Indiana 12/03/2014 10:25 am

Michael Kellian - 2011 Audi A4

Serge, I wanted to let you know that I am truly appreciative for everything you did to make this sale happen. I appreciate all the follow up emails that provided details and guidance on my recent Audi purchase. I was very hesitant to purchase a car over the internet without ever seeing it. You provided detailed answers that calmed me to the point where I made the purchase and I am so happy I did. I am very pleased with my Audi and I am also very pleased with the price that you came down to to make this deal happen. I thank you for all the work you put into making this transaction happen. I look forward to talking to you again in four years when you sell me another Audi. Thank you 04/02/2015 Michael R. Killian Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Max Kr - 2009 Audi A4

Great vehicle, the seller was very helpful, will do business again! A+++ Jan-21-14 10:12 Audi : A4 Base Sedan 4-Door

Member id "Europark078" - 2009 Audi A4

Returning Customer. Purchased before from Real Motors, was very satisfied with a Service and transaction. Company was very helpful with shipping assistance Happy agaim with a new car for my family. Will defenitely recommend.

Member id "Maximo" - 2011 Audi A3 A3 S-Line

Great service and follow up, car was just as described. Highly recommended! A+++ Sep-27-12 13:44 Audi : A3 S-Line Premium (#160873650354)

Jason M - 2011 Audi A3 Diesel

The service from Realmotors was great. I drove all the way from Lake Charles Louisiana to suprise my wife with an A3 Audi and was very very satisfied with the purchase of this vehicle. I had to have a great amount of trust in my purchase and the guys I was dealing with because I only seen pics of the car. It is a rebuilt car but hasn't given me any problems what so ever. Tks again Serge. 02/03/215

Thomas G "Member ID: Gies1" - 2012 Lexus ES 350

helpful, honest description and good car. Really happy with the car 01/27/2015

Jessica S - 2013 VW Passat

Very happy, Car as advertised, Thanks for the Servicing this Passat for me. 07/12/2014 1:37pm

Member: cpages2 - 2011 Mini Cooper S

A++++ Car is amazing and was better than expected. Customer service top notch!

Member "alexdrumm" - 2010 VW Jetta

Great car, great price. Dealer was very helpful. Thanks for an extra work for me. Would love doing business again in the future 08/02/2014 11:35pm

Ebay Member: pea5302-xz0ohxyi - 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe

Had no problem with dealer or vehicle. I arranged my own shipping. Thanks Real Motors 06/10/2014

Paul B - 2010 Mazda 3

Thanks guys for this easy transaction. We love this car, it perfectly fit our budget. Thanks for working with us. Much appreciated 07-15-2014 3.55pm

Val V - 2012 BMW X6

Great Deal, Great experience. Transaction was a a breeze Accepted my Trade In; Very satisfied in Whole March 27 2014 03:42pm

Steven G - 2013 Ford Escape SEL

Evything went very well, happy with the car, staff was very helpful Would recommend April 7 12:36

Member ID "lexadrumer1" - 2009 Cadillac Escalde

Very nice person to deal with . Thanks Serge, was a pleasure doing business with Apr-02-14 21:13

Member ID: "ontherocks2" - 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe LT

GREAT Mar-11-14 08:11

Buyer: "freedomus" - 2013 Ford Taurus

Great experience, very satisfied with the car, will do business again Mar-17-14 11:25

Lev "vzcellmaster" - 2010 Audi S5

Excellent seller, this is my second purchase. It was delivered as described.

Joseph Regnier - 2013 Hyundai Genesis

Thank You again for your service to my family and ministry that I serve. The Genesis is a dream come true for me. I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have such a fine and comfortable car for travel. You and your company will be in my thoughts and prayers. I will look for opportunities to make referrals to you and promote Real Motors, LLC.

Memeber ID "Largoautomall" - 2012 Kia Sedona LX

Vehicle just as described! Great service! Will do business again Will recommend!

Zeka Bu - 2011 Cadillac Escalade

Very happy with this purchase, Real Motors staff was very helpful and professional, Wolud defenitely recommend

Member Id "flautomal" - 2009 BMW 328 xDrive


Member id "makulais" - 2010 BMW 328I

Beautiful car, excellent to work with. Would definitely recommend. Jul-26-12 14:09 BMW : 3 Series (#160815305415)

Member id "allenkhemm" - 2010 Toyota Prius

Amazing Seller, car was as described and seller was very responsive. Thanks Serge Aug-08-12 14:15 Toyota : Prius III (#160838121130)

Member id "design_onadime" - 2001 Mercedes CL500

Great to do business with. Very responsive and helpful.Everything as promised. Sep-09-12 13:39 Mercedes-Benz : CL-Class CL500 (#160870761586)

Member id "enash41" - 2007 Lexus GS350 AWD

great seller....car was as discribed.......fast and professional transaction. Sep-16-12 05:59 Lexus : GS GS 350 AWD (#160873672097)

Member id paul28717 - 2011 Mercedes E350

Very good value, minor issues fixed under warranty. Sep-22-12 19:19 Mercedes-Benz : E-Class 4Matic (#160870704451)

Member id "macdaddyski" - 2011 VW Tiguan

Great sevice, fair pricing and super follow through. Would recommend to family! Sep-24-12 21:30 Volkswagen : Tiguan S (#160873614736)

Member ID "trbarmore" - 2006 Lexus GS300

Car received ...great deal for make & year! A+ seller will do business again Apr-29-13 11:58 Lexus : GS 300 (#160995031362)

Peter "pgauto2011" - 2011 BMW 335D

Very happy, Great car, Outstanding Customer Service, Highly Recommended,thanks + May-13-13 11:01 BMW : 3-Series 335d (#161020332699)

Member id "largoautomall" - 2012 Dodge Journey Mainstreet

THE CAR IS PERFECT. THANKS SERGE TO MAKE THIS TRANSACT. SO EASY Nov-08-12 09:45 Dodge : Journey Mainstreet Sport Utility 4-Door (#160903025876)

Member ID "EEPG" - 2011 Audi A3 TDI

Great service and communication. I would be glad to buy from Real Motors again. Audi : A3 TDI Hatchback 4-Door (#161006950654)

Member ID "jkrauss125" - 2010 Toyota Tacoma

good and honest to deal with. A+++++ Buyer: Nov-11-12 Toyota : Tacoma PreRunner SR5 Crew Cab 6.1Ft (#160903023760)

Member ID "myunghah" - 2012 Toyota Sienna

honest, prompt response to customer, responsible, accurate, and excellent seller

Member id "cookeja2" - 2011 Toyota Prius

Car was exactly as described. Seller was extremely helpful, great communication.

Member id "tjsuckow" - 2012 Chevrolet Impala

Easy, flexible transaction. Everything was ready when I arrived.

Member id "Europark" - 2012 Subaru Forester Limited

Nice car As described Very responsive and helpful with delivery Highly recommend

Dom "grozin2006" - 2012 Subaru Forester 2.5X LTD

Very happy with this SUV, Seller was extremely helpful, will do business again

Lev "vzcellmaster" - 2013 Ford Taurus SEL

Car was perfect, great service, fast shipment, more mint than described.