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We receive many phone calls from our Potential Buyers with this question : “What Does Rebuilt Title Mean”? We decided to take our time to explain the Definition of a Rebuilt Title. Most of our Vehicles with “Rebuilt” Brand on the title being purchased from the Insurance Companies trough the Auto Auction. At that point the Title has “Salvage” Brand on it and can’t be registered or driven without a State Inspection.

How the title becomes Salvage? If a car has been in an accident or any other incident occurred to it and is declared totaled (a total loss due to accident damage, natural disaster, theft recovery, hail damage, mechanical damage, etc) by an insurance company, its clean title is replaced with a salvage one.

All our Vehicles after the State Inspection, Being Serviced and Inspected by a Franchise Dealer of that very same make ( Audi, Ford, BMW etc). We also perform all 4-Wheel alignment on those vehicles needed or not, just to be on a safe side. We welcome any Pre-Sale Inspection. We even encourage our Buyers to do one prior the Sale. Our goal is to provide a Great Service as well as Peace of Mind for all our customers. Documentation, Inspection Report, Service Record, Vehicle history report are always available to present to our customers.

PS. There is a perception among the buyers that Vehicle gets declared Total Loss and becomes Salvage ONLY after a Very Serious Damage or Accident! It's not always Correct. We have purchased many vehicles with very light, moderate and/or even with no body damage that had Salvage Titles. To prove that we have all the original pictures in our database. Every vehicle is different. Please Don’t assume - just ask!!!

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